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Taking your family dog to Acabanes or La Grange is very easy to arrange and worth the initial small investment and time. Once the passport is obtained it lasts for several years. Full details can be found on the government site. Tracey can also provide lots of information as she takes Holly, the elderly, much loved, Jones family Golden Retriever, several times a year. Acabanes has a two acre enclosed garden and is ideally suited for dogs. La Grange has a dedicated fenced doggy garden in the area of the drive. Both holiday homes have tiled and wooden floors and are very practical. Both villas are in a super area for dog walks - peaceful, safe walking with beautiful scenery. You can walk for hours but don’t forget your baguette, cheese and wine for a picnic!

There are no additional charges for your pets staying at either villa. Our only stipulation is for the grounds to be clean following your visit. We have welcomed pets for 15 letting seasons with great success.

Both Caen and St Malo have beaches to exercise your dog before boarding or after docking at the ports.

Vets near the Villas - Remember to take your dogs passport when you visit the vets before travelling back to the port:

St Foy La Grande - 15 minutes from La Grange and 23 minutes from Acabanes

05 53 74 24 18      63, avenue de Bordeaux,   33220 Fougueyrolles.

Eymet - 13 minutes from Acabanes and 23 from La Grange

3 place Gambetta, 24500 Eymet   05 53 23 91 79